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Philosophy This site is about helping everyday people use technology to do a quality job - quicker, easier, smarter! The focus is on achieving good solutions cost-effectively, calmly and simply. I aim to help the 80% of people who just want learning technology to be easy to use and reliable. My site started in late 1996 with some online notes to help teachers buy and use digital cameras in classrooms.

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Audience The main audience for this site is education but other people have also found it useful. I have allowed for people who are nervous about getting started or who want a clear and gentle introduction to computers, the Internet, digital cameras, scanning, video editing, etc. Please be assured that the learning curve is not as steep as it was with the "old", less friendly and less reliable technology available back in the 1990s. I recently shifted the whole site from my original ISP due to their removal of web stats and frequent increases in charges. Consequently a number of other educational sites now have links to my work that are out of date. At present the various pages of my site are visited by up to 150 people a day or over 45,000 people each year.

Wireless Laptops in Schools

USB Flash Drives in Education

Classrooms Many of the comments are aimed at allowing a teacher with up to 32 students to make the best possible use of Learning Technology (LT) or Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in a school situation. Classrooms full of students need strategies for fast and efficient use of technology resources. Tips are offered for identification or selection of the most reliable, cost effective and productive models.

Data Projectors in Classrooms

Time Lapse Photography

Feedback Please email me - your feedback is welcome and much appreciated! Please take the trouble to offer better ideas or suggestions - you will be acknowledged and others can benefit. My site is intended to be free of bias and receives no commercial gain from any party.

Burning CD ROMs

Video Conferencing in Schools

Copyright Text material on this page was written by Keith Lightbody. I have been unable to identify the original creator of the animated gif of Tweety Pie - it was downloaded years ago from a free-for-non-commercial-use web site (it was recently available at and other sites). Portions of my site may be duplicated for non-profit use on paper in educational institutions, school newsletters or homes - however all acknowledgments must remain. The content should not be included on a web site or in email but can be hyper linked to the current version at this site - please contact me by email for permission in other circumstances.

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Background I have been involved with teaching, planning or using technology in West Australian schools since 1982. My philosophy is to make the use of technology reliable, productive and easy for the user. My current role involves managing facilities requirements in the building of new schools or the upgrading of existing schools as part of the WA government capital works program. During 2006, 2005 and in 2003 I also spent time working as a Policy Officer at the Department of Education and Training in Western Australia. In 2002 I coordinated the preparation of a detailed Communications Brief for Government Schools in WA. For 5 years I assisted new WA schools to make extensive use of wireless laptops with students in classrooms. I have also extensively researched a number of wireless issues including network security, health and safety. I organised measurements of wireless network radiation levels in 2 local schools in 2001 - this information has been used for planning by other schools in Australian and overseas.

During 2002 I assisted with the refinement of an online professional learning package for use in the Northern Territory (NT) of Australia. The course was designed by Bryn Jones, previously an ICT lecturer at Notre Dame University in Fremantle, Western Australia. I provided extensive help as an online tutor during this course. As the materials were visual, friendly and highly relevant to students and teachers it was successful in helping many NT teachers (including those from extremely remote schools) improve their use of ICT in the classroom. Samples of the ICTPD Online Professional Development for Teachers materials are available at - a variety of similar courses are now being used in schools across Australia.

Some of my previous jobs have included Project Officer for the "Internet In The Curriculum" project, member of the Technology in Schools Project, Curriculum Consultant (Computer Education) in the Technology & Enterprise learning area, IT teacher and science teacher. I provided professional development (PD) for thousands of teachers between 1995-2005 on topics such as digital cameras, video conferencing, curriculum use of the Internet, manipulation of digital images, creation of web sites, digital video, wireless networking, and copyright. I was one of the evaluation team involved in scoring the first group of applicants for Level 3 teachers in WA. Judging I have helped with includes national and state web site competitions, RoboCup, the evaluation of nominated state teachers for best practice in educational technology awards and the selection of student teams demonstrating innovative and effective use of ICT in the classroom.

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