Digital Microscopes in Education
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* allows projection of microscopic images to a large audience
* encourages students to explore the microscopic world
* lets 2-4 students view together and quickly share observations
* allows production of custom microscope photos for use in teaching resources
* produce images that can be emailed or added to web sites
* enables mobile research when used with a laptop

  (prices in Australian $ including GST)

Proscope (handheld USB device, ~ $500). Click here to view sample 50 x magnification images.
This product offers an easy introduction for students to using a microscope - click the button on the handle and the magnified image is captured to your desktop or laptop computer. Suitable for primary or secondary students. It is available in Australia for ~$500 for the basic kit. Magnification from 10 x to 200 x is possible with extra lenses. An optional stand and a case is also available. Support for Windows and MacOS is included. Some free science curriculum sheets written by Apple Distinguished Educators are available at
Product details at: or Other uses include police work, examination of coins and stamps, viewing medical samples, hobbies, botany & zoology, geology, entomology, handwriting analysis, art, industrial applications, etc.

Handheld digital microscope Dino Lite (handheld USB devices, various models, from $160)
Dino Lite Portable Hand held Microscopes
Australian distributor:

Some existing microscopes can be adapted to use a digital still camera or digital video camcorder to view the magnified image. This is typically done via C-mount or other adapters.

MeCan Imaging has a range of microscopes and microscope accessories. They also have a wide variety of microscope adapters compatible with consumer digital cameras, such as Sony, Canon, Nikon, etc. To check if your camera and microscopes are compatible visit:-
To help customers there is a “microscope & eyepiece size compatibility list”

Another site with comprehensive information about custom adapters for matching digital cameras to microscopes is Richard J. Kinch's excellent site at - he also has an excellent Links for Digital Photomicrography section at the very bottom of the page.

  PAXcam (high resolution USB2 device)
A professional digital microscope camera with fast image transfer.

Olympus Mic-D (desk mount USB device, ~$1300)
For more details, quick start guides, etc visit
View some fantastice microscope photos from the Olympus BioScapes Digital Imaging Competition at

Digital Blue QX5, QX7 (desk mount USB device, ~$100)
Current details Easily connected to a computer, high resolution, includes video playback. Some more background on this device at
(previously marketed by Intel Play Toys).

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