Aerial Photography using Radio Control Model Planes
by Keith Lightbody
last updated 5 May 2009

Great Results: Local pilot Tony has added an Aiptek Pencam digital camera to his GWS Slow Stik. The camera only takes 1 Megapixel photos but he has produced some outstanding photos by triggering the camera with his radio while flying around the park. It is great fun flying our models around the 'camera ship' trying to get in the picture - one day he had 3 mates circling and diving merrily under the Slow Stik while he was snapping away - fortunately with a large capacity SD memory card there is room for lots of photos. After landing the photos can be loaded into a laptop for instant feedback. An alternative on some digital cameras is to use a time lapse feature with a large digital camera memory card and simply set it to take a photo every 10, 20 or 30 seconds.

side view plane above
-stable and relatively slow flying model
-large wing area to carry camera
view under showing camera
-camera secured with hook & loop tape
-shutter lead from camera to radio receiver
view from air of park
view from air of suburb

Fortunately the huge capacity and low cost of current memory cards now allows for the option of just taking continuous interval photos on a flight rather than arranging a remote RC trigger.

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