Best Search Ideas
by Keith Lightbody - last updated 23 February 2011 

If you are looking for particular information first choose 4 or 5 key words that will help you find what you are looking for quickly (e.g. online learning education Internet definition). It is a good idea to copy your set of key words and experiment by pasting them into a number of different search sites. Compare the results. You will find that you prefer the results of some sites to others. If unsuccesful try other keywords or different combinations of key words. Remember that search sites constantly change so if you use the same one all the time you may miss out on other better sites. It may be quicker to use a local (Australian) site than an overseas site.

NOTE: Uncluttered search sites are more effective in classrooms as there are less irrelevant distractions.

Learning good searching techniques is a very valuable skill - it will save you hours of wasted time. Add at least 3 good quality search sites to your browser bookmarks folder or browser toolbar folder so they are always at your fingertips. Make an effort to continue learning about search strategies as it has a significant effect on your productivity. Also it is most satisfying to regularly and rapidly find the information that you are seeking.

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