Professional Development Sessions Given 1995-2005

Keith Lightbody - Facilities Consultant

How to Easily Make Your Own Videos [Primary/Secondary/Tertiary]
Hands on, collaborative session. Low cost digital video is now available to schools. Short update on technology changes with mini digital video (Mini DV) camcorders, Firewire cables and simple video editing software. Practical skills for making a movie on Windows using MovieMaker or on Mac using iMovie - storyboarding, filming, importing into computer, editing and adding effects. Play back the completed movie on computer or television. Export the completed movie to a variety of formats, save to camcorder or VHS tape.

Wireless Networks Speed Up Integration of ICT [Primary/Secondary/Tertiary]

This session will outline features, costs, installation, security, health and management issues. Why have recent new schools in WA all been built with full wireless coverage? Why are established schools adding wireless access points to their cable networks? Wireless laptops offer huge flexibility for both students and teachers alike - there has been terrific success in integrating ICT into typical classrooms. The benefits of wireless have resulted in schools moving from very limited use of notebook computers with students (i.e. less than 10% of school computers being laptops) to a more flexible model with significant numbers of laptop computers (one new primary school has over 50% laptops). Wireless also offers benefits for teachers with laptops such as those in the Western Australia Department of Education Notebooks for Teachers program.

Visual Literacy - Speed up Learning [Primary/Secondary/Tertiary]
There are multiple literacies - we explore the effective use in classrooms of digital photos, scanned images and short video segments. Strategies for creating, editing and archiving resources. Options for displaying, publishing, printing and sharing of visual items. Use of digital stills and video to speed up the assessment of process outcomes. The session will include an overview of how recent developments in digital cameras and operating systems make it quicker and easier to incorporate visual material. The laptops provided in the Western Australia Department of Education Notebooks for Teachers program include many easy to use features that support visual literacy - these will be demonstrated.

Applying Video Conferencing in Classrooms [Primary/Secondary/Tertiary]
Learn about the latest developments in using simple USB video conferencing cameras and software. Speed up collaboration with other people who can be anywhere in the world. Options for use in the classroom and for professional development. This session will outline features, costs, connection, management and other issues. A range of tips will be offered for successful use with students. Participants will join in a live demonstration of a video conference using laptop models used in the Western Australia Department of Education Notebooks for Teachers program.

Using Images From Digital Cameras & Scanners [Primary/Secondary/Tertiary]
All the latest information on different models (cost $300-$2,000) which include colour LCD panels, floppy disk drives and many other features. Techniques for downloading, manipulating and printing photos will be demonstrated. Features of scanners will be demonstrated and discussed. Explanation and demonstration of image preparation for web pages, collaborative projects or email. A range of educational uses and implementation issues will be discussed. This is a technology that has reached critical mass and is now easy to use with students!

Time Lapse Photography in the Classroom [Primary/Secondary/Tertiary]
Tips for using a digital camera in a fixed position to automatically record a sequence or series of photos with a set time interval between each image. Individual images may then be analysed or all of the images can be combined to produce a movie that shows the action faster (or slower) than in real life. A digital camera is ideal since the multiple digital images can quickly and easily be assembled and saved into a variety of movie formats!

Web Pages Made Easy [Primary/Secondary/Tertiary]
Hands on, collaborative session. For those who have still not made their own web page! Bring along some sample text and photos on disk or start from scratch on the day. Work individually or in pairs. General skills for Windows or Mac - will cover adding text, images, links and tables to web pages. Live uploading of web pages. Suitable for people with access to Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Communicator or other visual web authoring packages.

Copyright Made Easy [Primary/Secondary/Tertiary]
Session with a mixture of presentation and activities. Summary of the latest developments in the copyright area. Strategies to minimize copyright breaches in schools. Use of drawing packages, paint software, digital cameras and scanners. Ideas to encourage creativity. Discussion of key issues.

Other seminar and conference presentations I have given include:
Writing CD-ROM's, Web Publishing, e-Learning, Centres of Excellence, Using Spreadsheets, Desktop Publishing, Voice Recognition, Digital Multimedia and Networking.

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