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In Western Australia many Black Swans breed each year but some nest in built up areas.
Before laying their eggs they build a massive mound of plant matter - usually surrounded by water.
After hatching the babies often gather strength for at least 24 hours before leaving the nest.

For the first few days the babies usually spend each night back on the nest under a parent.

The parent birds are fiercely protective of their young but the cygnets face predators and other dangers.

I am grateful for the information and observations provided by Newton, Lyn, Alan, Lynda and others.
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Unfortunately 5 of the 6 babies shown above near Perth (they hatched from 24 Aug 2008 on) were eaten
but the 2009 brood (hatched from 8 Feb 2009) was more succesful and resulted in 5 young adults.

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Photos taken 2009 with 500D, 2008 with 450D plus 17-85 IS USM (f/4-5.6),
100 Macro USM (f/2.8) and 100-400 L IS USM (f/4.5-5.6)

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