fluffy cloud Encouraging Creativity fluffy cloud
by Keith Lightbody - Facilities Consultant - last updated 5 March 2007

image of planeEnsure 'audience' is positive, makes constructive comments, non-judgemental, etc.
Show the work produced is valued by using it (eg. in a school publication, on display)
Ensure name of 'author' is on all images or other pieces of work
Provide strategies to minimise or cope with peer group pressures
Encourage acknowledgment of others contributions or ideas
Set challenging tasks in a context (may be less threatening for cautious students)
Encourage peer tutoring and sharing of skills (e.g. a student 'gifted' in art helps others)
Use a variety of group teaching strategies
Demonstrate own weaknesses (e.g. art/drawing) and show strategies to cope/improve
Choose tasks with useful or interesting outcomes for students (eg. images for calendars, CD covers, bedroom door labels)
Offer special privileges (e.g. can print best piece of work in colour)
Introduce techniques for creative thinking (e.g. brainstorming, 6 hats, mind maps, storyboarding, visual thinking, ideatoons)
Include group viewing of in-progress/completed products
Encourage individuality
Allow for different learning styles (e.g. choice of open-ended tasks or structured steps)
Encourage collaborative learning
Consider gender-based preferences
Show tolerance of different strategies or methods for creating a product
Assist with skill development to boost self-confidence and improve quality of work produced (eg. drawing, design)
Encourage a cheerful atmosphere (e.g. play music)
Relate task to other outcomes (e.g. symmetry, design, technology process)
Offer simple incentives, rewards or multiple prizes

(Version 5. Many West Australian teachers have contributed ideas to these notes. First published 8 February 2000. My original inspiration was the slogan "Respect Copyright - Encourage Creativity" on a poster published by the Copyright Agency Limited. They also have helpful information on their website at http://www.copyright.com.au)

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