Some of my photos ...
encourages me to seek out and admire beauty"

Keith Lightbody 2018

Macro Wildflower Photography Tips photo series: Albany flying
slow motion: pelican (low res) video: mistletoe bird

Coy cockatoos
Major Mitchell Cockatoos

Bremer Canyon

Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu
Mistletoe bird and nest
Black swan
Birds in Flight
Hoary headed grebe with frog
Bird Photos

Redtail Black Cockatoo
Redtail Black Cockatoos

Baudins Black Cockatoo
on CSIRO Facebook page

Carnaby Black Cockatoo
Carnaby Black Cockatoos

Plant Photos
photo of baby grebe
East Perth Lake

Christmas Island

Ken Hurst Park

Macro Photos

100-400 L IS Zoom P
Assorted Photos
Black Swans
Swan Walk
Time Lapse

Time Lapse

My Search For Photo Sites

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My involvement in photography increased after head surgery in 2010 to remove a tumour (it was also affecting my sight)
- my appreciation of visual opportunities has strengthened! More details: I lost my pituitary

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