Sample Digital Camera Images
by Keith Lightbody

A rare photo of males lining up for the toilet (usually only ladies have this problem). Taken at a cricket match at Lilac Hill - Pakistan versus the West Aussies. Digital photo was emailed to 'Inside Cover' at West Australian Newspapers - printed in Friday edition 29 October 1999.

View a navigable 3D scene of digital photos taken in the lobby at the Parmelia Hilton hotel in Perth. A Nikon Coolpix digital camera with a fish-eye lens was mounted on a tripod and 2 photos were taken 180 degrees apart. The 2 images were then combined using IPIX software - to download a copy of the Windows file lobby.exe click here

Digital cameras increasingly offer a video facility - usually highly compressed and of relatively low quality. However it is great for a quick video clip for a slide show, web site or multimedia production.
Test the idea - view the short sample movie taken with a Mavica digital camera - to download the Windows file pippa.mpg click here
(476 k, allow some time for the download)

The disk based cameras are very popular in Western Australian schools because they are so productive with classes. At a recent PD session teachers bought along 9 Mavica cameras. Only 8 are shown below - the other one was used to take the photo!

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