Mistletoebird (Dicaeum hirundinaceum)
Perth, Western Australia

In January 2011 I found 3 pairs of mistletoebirds in close proximity ~10 km south of Perth. Fortunately 1 pair was busily constructing a nest at eye height.
The male acted as lookout and the female repeatedly carried back material to finish the nest. This allowed me to get some great photos and video.
Copyright: Keith Lightbody 2011

mistletoe bud
mistletoe buds
mistletoe flower
mistletoe flower
mistletoe seeds
digested mistletoe seeds
female mistletoe bird at nest
female at nest
(mid construction)
Male mistletoebird
male mistletoe bird
(some of black colour has a blue sheen)

female mistletoe bird at nest
female at nest
(late construction)

female mistletoe bird constructing nest
female adding material
male mistletoe bird inspecting nest
male checking progress
female mistletoe bird checking nest
female checking the fit
Video clip showing female construction technique:
Video of nest building
(click image to open video clip in a new window)
Feeding young
Female feeding the young
Feeding young
Male also helps with feeding
Feeding young
More food please ...
Video clip showing male feeding the young:
Feeding young
(click image to open video clip in a new window
- sorry about all the camera shutter noise)
Spider for lunch
Spider for lunch
3 babies
Waiting for food ...
Toilet duties
Toilet duties
Hungy little mistletoebirds
3 hungry mistletoebirds

Happy little mistletoebird
3 happy mistletoebirds!

Leaving the nest
Leaving the nest

Site Credits: This site has included feedback from Scott McGregor and Tamsyn Whitcher. Kee Seng provided a tripod for the fill lighting.

Photos taken with a Canon 7D, 100-400 L IS USM (f/4.5-5.6) and 100 Macro L IS USM (f/2.8)

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