Hi! My name is Keith Lightbody.

Do you know of a great place in Western Australia for photographing birds or wildflowers? I am a non-commercial photographer based in Perth who is seeking help in finding new sites. I would like to hear about good wildflower spots or bird feeding, nesting or roosting sites where I can get relatively close to the subject. Most of my photography is of wildflowers and birds in natural settings but I will photograph practically anything! Some things that I find particularly photogenic include wrens, spoonbills, black shouldered kites, orchids, …

I have a good DSLR camera, tripod, zoom and macro lenses. I will keep private or endangered locations confidential and make every effort to avoid any stress to plants or wildlife. In return for your help in identifying a new site for me I will provide free a minimum 20 cm x 30 cm print you select from photographs taken by me at that site. Although I have a small car with the current high price of petrol I will mostly need to limit my travels to within a days drive from Perth. I come from a farming family so understand the need for care with gates and around stock when on private property.

Please feel free to email me with any suggestions, feedback or other ideas ....

Some samples of my photos can be viewed by clicking on the links at the left of this screen ...

I would love to hear from anyone with some new photography site recommendations!

orchid (Jandakot - 27 July 2008)
duckling (Narrows Bridge - 20 July 2008)

Some examples of things I am looking for are less common native orchids, black shouldered kites, great crested grebes, etc. In particular I am hoping people can help with sites where access is relatively easy (not at the top of a 30 metre gum tree like the spoonbills nest I found in Mandurah). Places where the wildlife is used to friendly people will allow me to get more detailed photos.

Thank you, Keith